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Convergence with Intelligent Networks, Enjoying Digital Life

Release date:2015.04.16
 Interpretation of the CCBN 2015 Theme

        The 23th China Content Broadcasting Network Exhibition (CCBN 2015) has the theme “Convergence with Intelligent Networks, Enjoying Digital Life” to illustrate the development trend of China’s radio, film and television industry. The theme covers three main aspects: the convergence of traditional media with new media, the meaning of intelligent broadband networks, and latest trends in the development of digital, audio and video technology as represented by ultra-high definition technology. The theme covers all the hot industrial issues to be discussed at the exhibition and meetings, identifying the development directions for the technology and business of Chinese radio, film and television industry.

        With the fast development of information technology, more and more traditional media, such as radio, film and television, are being replaced by digital media, networks and intelligent media. The full convergence between traditional media and new media is an inevitable trend for China' radio, film and television industry, and is the core concept of the CCBN 2015 exhibition. The convergence of traditional media and new media includes the convergence of technology, business and even consumption patterns and cultural content. The technological convergence will provide the driving force for the overall convergence of traditional media and new media. A modern communication system integrating wireless, cable, satellite and Internet channels can be built by integrating emerging digital technology with information technology, content production, and broadcast control, monitoring and supervision platforms, to achieve cross-industry resource and business convergence, and vigorously promote the upgrading and strategic transition of the radio and television industry.

        Seen from the perspective of the global development trend, radio and television service provision in the future will involve three networks: a broadcast network, a broadband communication network and the Internet of Things; to be specific, it will be based on the cloud platform, connected through mobile or broadband networks, supported by massive data analysis, and displayed via an intelligent terminal. Therefore, the radio and television industry’s basic network needs to be upgraded to meet future demands. The improvement in the physical capacities of the broadcast network, such as its business carrying capacity, transmission speed and system processing efficiency, will guarantee the quality and stability of video and audio content transmission, and is also the foundation for carrying out other information value-added and convergence services. In the future, the upgraded broadcast network may serve as the center of the “Internet of Things” and the “Smart City”, fully establishing it as the basic national information network. As part of the development strategy, the radio and television industry will actively merge the broadcast network with other networks, conduct intelligent construction and widely adopt broadband, which is of vital significance in improving its core competitiveness. The latest technical achievements and products relating to the broadband intelligent network will be presented to participants at the CCNN 2015 exhibition and meetings.

        Radio and television can bring audiences the most satisfying audio and visual experience – its biggest advantage over other media. From the technical perspective, the essence of enjoying digital life lies in the constant pursuit of higher quality audio and visual content. The most eye-catching technology is the content production technology, represented by ultra-high definition technology. The development of ultra-high definition technology has spurred the technical reform of the whole industrial chain in the broadcast industry. This new-look chain, from content production to transmission to terminal reception, has taken initial shape, and will definitely become the major force in the development of audio-visual technology. At the same time, new business based on traditional radio, film and television services, such as social networks, intelligent search, e-commerce and video games are developing quickly, and information services consumed by homes are becoming more and more diversified, encompassing areas such as audio-video entertainment, interactive games, smart homes and digital medical treatment. To meet audience demand for multiple platforms, multiple terminals and diversified cultural and entertainment information, CCBN 2015 will display all the latest radio and television industry developments in digital homes, intelligent terminals, ultra-high definition TV, three-dimensional films and TV programs, and other data services, to promote the advancement of information consumption and culture.

        With the convergence of traditional media and new media and the trend towards broadband intelligent networks, CCBN will enter a new stage of development. CCBN aims to fulfill its historic responsibility of advancing and guiding the development of China’s broadcasting technology. CCBN 2015 is committed to expanding the scope and depth of the exhibition, fostering discussion of industrial policies, key technologies and business innovations, and promoting the application of high technology and new business models, to boost the technical innovation, transformation and upgrading of China’s radio, film and television industry.

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