MW - AP355 mai wei company is specifically designed for hotel, conference room, restaurant, business office, conference and exhibition center such as high-density environment designed wi-fi access points, the highest connect subscribers 256, recommend entertainment machine 70-75, belongs to the high indoor machine series products. Equipment working at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual frequencies, the MIMO and OFDM technology, highest can provide dual-band concurrent wireless data transmission rate of 1750 MBPS. Built-in MIMO antenna for up to six root, 2.4 GHz with up to 200 mw of rf design, 5 GHz maximum power of 100 mw, can support a wide range and strong signal penetration. Equipment at the same time the built-in power regulation mode, user can adjust the transmission power according to the implementation environment. Equipment with a standard 802.3 at PoE power supply, can ensure that the user without changing the original electric power network on the basis of realizing remote cable power supply. Equipment also offers extended network interface at the same time, makes the extension wiring more convenient, support power wireless controller and unified management and deployment.


2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual-band operation, the wireless transmission rate up to 1750 MBPS, network business high-speed stability.

Support standard PoE at power supply, the AP deployment independently, the network sets up easy and flexible.

Collocation wireless controller, the realization of SMS, QQ, WeChat, web pages, and other common authentication way, convenient for users.

According to user's access to use policies which can realize the user access control, improving the quality of network business use.

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