MW-AC3000 is a high performance wireless access controller.MW-AC3000 Marvell designed for large network design has the advantages of high capacity, high reliability, rich business functions; the maximum support 3000 AP management, 50000 users online at the same time, the forwarding performance of up to 8G; provide visualization management is very intuitive and easy to use AP map and networktopology based on the powerful MW-AC3000; internal multiple management module integration provides a user access control, AP smart management, advertising push, traffic analysis and statistics, two or three fast roaming, 7X24 hours of time control and other functions, realize the fine management of users and AP; support local and centralized forwarding. And to support the cross NAT management AP, can be applied to a variety of complex network environment; portal server and authentication server integration, can provide rich authentication, including WEB certification, QQ certification, micro Certified letter, SMS authentication and a key login.MW-AC3000 high performance wireless access controller with Marvell AP series products, to meet the large hotel, business park, campus, shopping malls and other typical applications of wireless scenarios.

Support local and centralized forwarding, according to the needs of users of network data can be forwarded by the local forwarding or AC processing. - support visual management, according to the AP map generation architecture plan import, visualization of the configuration and management of AP. - support intelligent load balancing, can balance the load according to the number of users or AP traffic AP, to avoid a single high load to ensure the user experience. The two or three layer provides support for fast roaming, seamless roaming mobile office needs. It supports a variety of authentication methods, including web certification, QQ certification, WeChat mobile phone SMS authentication, the authentication, one click login. Mw-ac3000 high performance hardware platform based on the optimal coordination of management protocol, can 3000 AP, provides 50000 user access authentication, portal concurrent rate of up to 2000 /s, the wired forwarding rate as high as 8gbps. - mw-ac3000 support based on the number of users Load balancing, load balancing based on flow channel, automatic adjustment, automatic power adjustment, fast two / three layer roaming wireless air interface scheduling intelligent wireless management function, provides a network of high reliability and high user experience. - Support AP map and network topology management, the user can according to the AP map generation architecture plan the introduction, on the AP map intuitive for AP deployment and configuration, and can support the network topology management, real-time monitoring of the network link. - the internal integrated portal server and authentication server, support multiple sets of advertising templates, the user can according to their own advertising template definition; also supports a variety of authentication methods, support analysis passenger flow and passenger flow statistics, and can support the export reports; it can identify a variety of terminal types (IOS, Andriod, PC), and according to the different types of terminal do access control and wide Report pu
report push

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