Mw- AC2000 is a solution for small and medium sized Marvell wireless solutions and the design of the AP controller, can manage all Marvell AP models,.Mw-ac2000 equipment control system supports up to 512 Taiwan AP management for fat fat AP, for Traders Hotel, hotel, business office to provide one-stop solutions. Equipment across the three layer management AP the function of the equipment itself, multi port network design based on the ability to provide up to three across 5 sub network management AP. AP provides equipment intelligent diagnosis function, can the abnormal state of intelligent identification of LAN AP, and by email or desktop alarm notification network administrator.Mw-ac2000 support value-added marketing system, the equipment can provide 3000 people authentication, support QQ authentication, WeChat authentication, message authentication, radius authentication, web authentication and a key login. Big data analysis platform can provide statistics and analysis. The passenger equipment provides cloud AC, cloud AP Management system, management can be 64 cloud AC, 128 Taiwan design based on cloud rack, with the support provided by Marvell can be installed in a standard 19 inch rack.

Marketing management system is unique, according to different client accurate advertising push, and statistics and analysis of passenger flow. The remote management system - a powerful, cross WAN Management from AC. - private cloud management system, can establish wireless network private cloud based cross wide area network management cloud ap. - convenient management and maintenance, automatic discovery and unified management of the network management AP, maximum 512 ap. - stable seamless roaming, support qvlan, VLAN management ap. can cross - convenient network deployment, AC next to the network, without changing the existing network architecture.

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