Mw-cg500 AC wireless controller mw-cg500 intelligent gateway gateway router is a set of gateway function in the AC management functions, equipped with X86 platform architecture, all Gigabit interface of the main route, at the same time the management of 256 lafalink wireless AP machine, with capacity of 1000 units; support Wan broadband access, different operators can be superimposed by; intelligent traffic control and intelligent QoS control on the behavior of Internet users can also manage; with advertising and marketing functions, is the powder artifact merchants, designed for the hotel industry, entertainment, food and beverage industry, the department store industry environment to create.Mw-cg500 with excellent bandwidth control strategy, support PPPoE dial-up authentication, and is equipped with seven firewall module, to protect the safety of users online, is a large WiFi solution necessary equipment.

For large area coverage, wireless AP management and design support Wan access, load balancing of AP under the unified configuration, achieve zero AP configuration access, plug and play AC next to the network, without changing the existing network architecture, easy to deploy real-time monitor the working status of AP, unified configuration supports all AP user management, authentication billing, and WeChat WiFi support cloud management platform, remote management settings 

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